WADComs is an interactive cheat sheet, containing a curated list of offensive security tools and their respective commands, to be used against Windows/AD environments.

If you hate constantly looking up the right command to use against a Windows or Active Directory environment (like me), this project should help ease the pain a bit. Just select what information you currently have related to the Windows machine (passwords, usernames, services, etc.), and it will display a list of tools you can try against the machine, along with a template command for easy copy/pasting. See the full list of items and filters.

This project was created by John Woodman and was inspired by GTFOBins and LOLBAS. I relied heavily on GTFOBins’ site template to make this one.

I’m hoping to make WADComs a collaborative project, so please feel free to contribute your commands.


Couldn't find the command you're looking for? Contribute your own!